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Mandarin Orange Charge
A deep, refreshing blend of mandarin and orange flavour sweetened with a touch of cane...
Blackberry Acai Charge
If you like it tart, indulge your cravings with this tropical, bold blend of acai,...
Mango Oats Flow
Refreshing orange juice and the tropical taste of mango will have you humming a summer...
White Peach Chill
A deep, refreshing blend of real orange juice sweetened with a taste of white peach...
Lemon Spirulina Flow
Sweet kiwi flavour balances tart, refreshing lemon juice for a smooth low-calorie. Suitable for vegans....
Pineapple Coconut Water Renew
The sweet taste of pineapple blended with coconut water gives complete refreshment. Suitable for vegetarians....
Pomegranate Ginger Flow
A tangy blend of pomegranate flavour with a hint of ginger root extract. Suitable for...
Grapefruit Ginger Flow
Sweet meets sour in this orange juice and grapefruit flavour fusion. Suitable for vegans.
Oatberry Flow
Enjoy the sweet taste of strawberry paired with the taste of oats. Shake well to...

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