We are thinking beyond the beverage and setting out to redefine the way we drink, by building a global brand that connects the dots between wellness and versatility, while trying to balance the needs of both people and the planet.

A smaller footprint is a better footprint

Our innovative packaging uses less resources to produce than a ready-to-drink beverage.

Less plastic used.

Our Pods use approximately 65% less plastic than a comparable 591 ml ready-to-drink beverage bottle**

Recycling your Pod is easy.

Recycling your Drinkfinity Pods is simple. Each order contains a Return Mailer which will allow to return your used Pods at no cost to you. If you are a UK resident, we have partnered with TerraCycle to create a UK National Recycling Program - log onto www.terracycle.co.uk/drinkfinity and just follow the easy steps.

Our pods use approximately 65% less plastic per ounce of beverage[i] and 7 times fewer trucks to deliver an equivalent amount of beverage[ii].

[i] Our Pods use up to 66% less plastic per ounce of beverage, compared to a 500 ml ready-to-drink bottled beverage. (From spreadsheet, g plastic/ounce of beverage for pod is 0.58 and g plastic/ounce of beverage for 500 ml ready-to-drink is 1.73. Percent less calculated as (1.73-0.58)/1.73 = 66% less) [ii] Our Pods use fewer trucks for transportation compared with 500 ml ready-to-drink beverage bottles. (The 7 times factor is based on a truckload of pods equal to 33,000 gallons of prepared beverage, and a truckload of 500 ml ready-to-drink delivering 4449 gallons)

**Life Cycle Assesment of Drinkfinity vs 20 oz comparable beverage implemented by Franklin & Associates and peer reviewed.

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